Hardened diameters also need to run together preciselyWe can handle induction surface hardening up to a diameter of 500 mm and a length of 6,000 mm as well as the subsequent tempering in a furnace.
This enables us to offer short throughput times and a monitored high level of quality even when working with hardened components. Our straightening press allows us to correct any distortion caused by the hardening process without delay. Additional heat and surface treatments are carried out by other accredited specialists, with priority given to firms local to us.

By selecting suitable companies and undertaking continuous quality monitoring, we can offer good quality at competitive prices at all times.

Here is a selection of possible treatments:

  • Quenching and tempering and annealing
  • Case and salt bath hardening
  • Nitriding and ferritic nitrocarburizing
  • Galvanising and phosphating
  • Bronzing
  • Anodising and coating
  • Painting/varnishing/lacquering and coating

Our fleet of machinery:

Hardening EFD induction hardening machine (surface hardness depth in accordance with
DIN up to 10 mm)
up to 500 mm in diameter up to 6,000 mm in length
Tempering Tempering furnace   up to 300° C
Straightening MAE S250 RH up to 250 t